Galaxy SIII

best roms and kernels


Hi guys 
in this website i'll present you the best roms and kernels
for the new samsung Galaxy sIII .
Download , flash , and ENJOY !!! ;) 
i have tested all this roms and they are all GOOD 

 ps.  1.Dont exept daily update 

       2.we are not responsible for your phones dammage
       3.please donate them if you consider they worked                 hard 
       4.Donate me if you consider i helped you ;) 

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SAMMY roms include : wannamlite roms( weekly update)
                                   omega roms( weekly update)
                                   criskelo roms( weekly 

aokp roms include :       supernexus roms( weekly update)

                                    cyanogenmod roms( weekly update)